North Vancouver Family Portraits

Every time I pick up a camera, I want to create something original, something unique, something that surprises me. I don’t have formula for doing that, because I know that those surprising images are ones that I never could have pre-visualized. I just have to go into every situation as prepared as I can be, and respond to the unexpected things that happen in the moment. I have to be fluid and relaxed and unattached to any particular outcome.

When it comes to family portraits you can’t be too rigid in your process, particularly when you’re photographing younger kids, because kids aren’t predisposed to conforming – and that usually drives their parents crazy! For me though, it’s perfect because it means the kids are going to come up with ideas that I never would have. In a portrait session without kids, it’s usually up to me to come up with all the ideas, which I’m happy to do, but it’s always nice to have collaborators.

I think we all as parents try to badger our kids to do what they’re told. Ironically that’s probably the last thing we want for them in life – to do what they’re told unquestioningly. We want them to do what’s right, no?

If it wasn’t for kids doing just what they felt like, we never would’ve made this photograph at my recent North Vancouver family portrait session….


I never would’ve thought of this, and I still marvel at how it turned out so perfectly. There are three really strong connections to the camera, and yet I’m not even behind the camera, I just had to hold it over them and hope for the best!

Here are some more magical moments from what was a truly wonderful portrait session.