Not Instagram, not Hipstamatic. Real black and white film photography.

I like to photograph with good old-fashioned film every now and then. It’s so different to using digital, but I think it’s a brilliant exercise for anyone who really wants to master the craft of photography. No instant feedback, limited number of photos, less automation. For sure you don’t get as many keepers, but that makes just makes the good ones all the more treasured.

These are some photos I took in Ireland of my wee clan while we were home for Christmas. I like the grainy, lo-fi quality. No apps, no post-processing, just straight from The Lab. Most were taken in crazy windy conditions, which was the prevailing weather for most of the trip, so composition was a challenge. I could have edited them and straightened them up, but I find the flaws are part of the charm. What do you think? Leave a comment, share your thoughts.

My family, photographed in black and white
Cian photographed on the rocks at Inchydoney, Co. Cork
Juna on the beach in the Galway Bay
Cian on the beach in Galway Bay
Juna in windy Connemara
The beach at Derrynane, Co. Kerry, Ireland
Juna by a gate at Derrynane House, Co. Kerry, IrelandSomewhere in Ireland

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