Portraits Of A New Family

I’ll never forget the card my mother-in-law gave me after my first child was born. It read ‘When a child is born, a father is born’. I’m not one for Hallmark sentimentality, but that phrase really struck a chord.

You could also say that when a child is born, a family is born, and that was what I had in mind during this portrait session at Spanish Banks in Vancouver. Baby Emma was just a few weeks old, and she’s going to change and grow so much in the next year as to be almost unrecognizable, so instead of focusing on her as an individual I wanted to tell the story of this new family.

Alan and Andi were really looking forward to our portrait session, confident that Emma would be her usual easy-going self. As luck would have, she was a little out-of-sorts that day. Mum and dad were full of apologies and worried that we had missed a great opportunity, but I think you’ll agree, things worked out ok.